Optional Conference: Agile management, not just for managers

Agile Governance, Audit and Management Workshop

Christopher Wright
Trainer: Christopher Wright
Date: 26 Mar 2015
Price: 350,- EUR + VAT / participant
Early price: 295,- EUR + VAT / participant, when paid until 26 Feb 2015
Language: English

Agile Governance, Audit and Management Workshop

With severe pressure on IS to deliver more projects for less cost project and IS risk / audit managers need tools to help them ensure systems are fit for purpose and do not compromise risk compliance.
The use of the Agile approach to system development is just one way that CIOs are aiming to deliver more projects in shorter timescales at lower costs. This can be at the cost of control – especially if addressing risks and controls is seen as an overhead rather than adding real benefit to the project.
But does it have to be this way – Is it possible to achieve the right balance between Agile development and control? This is not an academic challenge for PMOs only. Everyone involved is responsible for ensuring that the delivered product has adequate controls embedded during development – thereby reducing the risk of failure and the total overall cost of the project if controls have to be added later.

This one day workshop will explore:

1. The main features of Agile development
2. The control of agile projects, from initial scoping and risk assessment, through scrums to final delivery
3. How to include controls in the design, delivery and testing of agile projects, to provide management and auditors with the comfort they need.

Leading Agile Flow: The Secret Sauce of Great Agile Teams

Daniel KolyaSimon RobertsTrainers: Daniel Kolya and Simon Roberts
Date: 23 Mar 2015
Price: 499,- EUR + VAT / participant
Early price: 449,- EUR + VAT / participant, when paid until 23 Feb 2015
Language: English

Leading Agile Flow: The Secret Sauce of Great Agile Teams

Flow is a state of mind discovered by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It is a key component of intrinsic motivation and crucial for personal satisfaction and high performance.
In this workshop we will show how agile change agents such as ScrumMasters, coaches and managers can help their teams to achieve flow.
The workshop is organized as follows:

  • What is flow? Theory and an exercise to experience flow state.
  • Flow and brain science. The thinking brain, the feeling brain, the importance of the freedom to make decisions.
  • Agile and flow. The relationship between the agile and scrum values and principles and flow conditions.
  • Leading flow. Creating the context for flow (hardware and software).
  • Questionnaire. Participants fill out a self-assessment questionnaire on flow conditions and prerequisites for their team. Participants can receive a reusable PDF as part of the follow-up materials.
  • Discussion of the results of the questionnaire in groups.
  • Sharing learnings of each group.

Lean in a Nutshell

Trainers: Mary and Tom Poppendieck
Date: 23 Mar 2015
Price: 700,- EUR + VAT / participant
Early price: 600,- EUR + VAT / participant, when paid until 23 Feb 2015
Language: English

Lean Software Development in a Nutshell

The world of software engineering has undergone dramatic change in the past several years – moving from waterfall processes to agile development to continuous delivery. Throughout the transition, lean thinking has provided consistent principles for making decisions about how to engineer software-based solutions creatively, rapidly, and reliably. Lean thinking starts with customers, looks at how the organization delivers value to those customers, and probes that value stream for inefficiencies and opportunities. This workshop does exactly that – we look at the real value streams of people attending the workshop. We question whether the workflow is set up to build the right thing, build the thing right, and deliver value to customers as rapidly as possible.

Radical Management

Trainer: Simon Roberts
Date: 26-27 Mar 2015
Price: 1190,- EUR + VAT / participant
Early price: 990,- EUR + VAT / participant, when paid until 26 Feb 2015
Language: English

The biggest secret in management today

Just over a decade ago, a set of major management breakthroughs occurred. These breakthroughs enabled software development teams to achieve both disciplined execution and continuous innovation, something that was hitherto impossible to accomplish with traditional management methods. Over the last decade, these management practices, under various labels such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean, have been field-tested and proven in thousands of organizations around the world. Radical management distills, builds on and extends these principles, practices and values so that the entire organization can now achieve to apply the magic combination of disciplined execution and continuous innovation.